White Papers

  • Economic challenges in the estimation of damages in arbitration for Belt and Road projects  READ MORE
  • Bewertung von Zusammenschlussvorhaben in lokalen Märkten. Discussion paper by Annabelle Jochem.  READ MORE
  • Options for network charges with decentralised power generation. Energy Discussion paper by Patrick Hébreard, Eudes Chavanat, Benjamin Tannenbaum and Romaric Kenne.  READ MORE
  • Szacowanie szkód antymonopolowych. Competition Discussion Paper by Dr. Ewa Mendys-Kamphorst.  READ MORE
  • CEG calls attention to the rise in shareholder disputes. Quantitative Finance Discussion paper by Dr. James Dimech-DeBono and Dr. Naomi Yarrow  READ MORE
  • Digital Agency and Antitrust 4.0 – Germany’s future coalition government proposes competition law update to tackle challenges of the digital economy

  • Assessing the effects of annual spectrum licence fees. Discussion Paper by Paul Reynolds and Professor Maarten Janssen.  READ MORE
  • "Electric cars and Emissions". Energy Discussion Paper.  READ MORE
  • Informationsaustausch zwischen Wettbewerbern: eine Einführung in die ökonomischen Effekte. Diskussionpapier.  READ MORE
  • An introduction to the economic effects of information exchange amongst competitors. Discussion paper.  READ MORE
  • What the EU State aid probes on tax rulings mean for multinationals and the way forward. Discussion paper.  READ MORE
  • Submission to Commonwealth Treasury on Diverted Profit Tax Economic Substance  READ MORE
  • This article reviews European and US approaches to the regulation of communications mergers up to 2008. This paper was first published by Sweet & Maxwell Limited in Reynolds, Veronese et al., Regulating Mergers in the Communications Industry in the XXI Century , Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, Issue 6, 2008, and is reproduced by agreement with the Publishers  READ MORE
  • A report prepared for Eurocontrol "Econometric Cost-Efficiency Benchmarking of Air Navigation Service Providers"  READ MORE