Dr Tom Hird

M: +61 422 720 929
T: +61 (3) 9095 7570
E: tom.hird@ceg-ap.com

Tom Hird is a founding director of CEG Asia-Pacific. Tom has 18 years of experience in the economic analysis of markets and in the provision of expert advice in regulatory, litigation, and policy contexts.

Tom has a PhD in Economics and is an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Economics at Monash University, and is named by Global Competition Review in its list of top competition economists. Tom has worked in economic consulting for the last eight years and prior to that was a senior officer in the Australian Commonwealth Treasury.  In this time he has dealt with the full range of policy and regulatory/legal issues as they pertain to economics. Tom has had expert testimony accepted in court and in numerous regulatory forums.

Tom has directed a wide range of economics assignments and advised a wide variety of businesses and regulators in regulatory and other proceedings.

His clients include private businesses and government agencies, including the World Bank and economic regulators such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).  Tom has advised clients on competition policy issues, merger clearance processes, restraints of trade, vertical and horizontal effects of transactions, access to bottleneck facilities, and enforcement proceedings involving allegations of predatory pricing, anti-competitive bundling and price fixing.

Tom's industry experience spans the aviation, electricity and gas transport, electricity generation, mining, finance, ports, rail transport, retailing, industrial packaging, telecommunications and tourism sectors. In terms of geographical coverage, Tom's clients have included businesses and government agencies in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Macau, Singapore and the Philippines.  Prior to forming CEG Tom was employed by NERA Economic Consulting and the Australian Commonwealth Treasury.