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We assist with:

  • Strategic advice to regulated firms
  • Policy and incentive design
  • Market reports
  • Economic assessments of the functioning of markets
  • Cost of capital assessments
  • Tariff setting
  • Benchmarking
  • Regulation impact evaluations

CEG has extensive experience across the globe in supporting regulated companies and their legal advisors to inform decisions and to formulate and present economic arguments and evidence during regulatory proceedings, public consultations, market investigations and court hearings. Likewise, CEG provides support for regulators and authorities in defining optimal regulatory policies, set allowances and tariffs and design incentives by applying a vast set of economic analysis tools.

Our expertise spans a wide range of regulatory matters including regulatory policy design and reform, market analysis and impact assessments, access and non-discrimination issues, price and tariff setting, including cost and efficiency analysis and cost of capital estimation, as well as auction strategy and design.

Using economic theory and quantitative techniques, our economists prepare expert reports, provide input into client submissions, advise on strategy and public policy, and provide testimony before regulatory agencies, courts and arbitral tribunals.


Representative Engagements

CEG provided strategic advice and assistance with submissions in response to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s market reviews and proposals in respect of fixed, mobile and leased line markets.

Expert report for Airlines for Europe (A4E) and IATA on a new framework for assessing airport’s significant market power in the context of the Airport Charges Directive.

Expert opinion for the public prosecutor of a European country on coal price benchmarking for energy generation.

Directive assessing the role and economic benefits of incentives, discounts and bilateral agreements in setting airport charges including an assessment on how certain pricing practices may violate the principle of non-discrimination among airlines.

Report for the Dutch regulator ACM on the functioning of current account banking in the Netherlands analysing evidence for consumer harm by assessing market concentration, overdraft charges and switching data and identifying possible market failures.

Expert report for T-Mobile on the regulation of fixed broadband access in the Netherlands with a focus on margin squeeze and estimations of margins that would be earned by efficient operators in supplying a range of consumer products using regulated access services.

Ex-post evaluation for the Singapore Competition Commission of the Block Exemption impact on shipping outcomes (benefits) and restrictive effects including an econometric analysis of liner shipping prices.

Reports for GSMA on a range of regulatory issues including resetting competition policy for the digital ecosystem, IP interconnection, the European Commission's regulation of international mobile roaming charges, the Directive concerning termination rates and the liberalisation of international gateway services.

Independent assessment for Eir on ComReg's wholesale access service market review for copper and fibre services including an analysis of the competitiveness of wholesale access markets in Ireland and a review of proposed margin squeeze tests.

Economic assistance for the four UK mobile network operators in a dispute between BT and Ofcom concerning wholesale fixed termination charges for non-geographic calls.

Assistance to the four UK mobile network operators in their response to a UK Government consultation including a proposal to enforce national roaming.

Strategic advice to an incumbent railway company in Europe on the impact of a different market organisation on travellers and the strategic position of the incumbent.

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