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We assist with:

  • Claims for compensation for damages resulting from privacy breaches
  • Assessment of economic as well as non-pecuniary harm
  • Analysis of effects on competition
  • Risk assessments for firms active in digital markets
  • Economic advice in regulatory and competition law enforcement proceedings

Advancements in information technology have raised complex issues associated with the protection and sharing of personal information. The value of personal data has increased strongly, giving the collection of personal information a prominent position in many business models, especially those of digital platforms, such as social media platforms, search engines, advertisement, digital entertainment, or online retailers.

The revenues from the exploitation of personal information are predominantly appropriated by a limited number of large firms. With the high levels of concentration in digital markets, there is as yet little competition on privacy, where companies compete to provide privacy friendly services. New legislation on privacy and data protection is however developing quickly.

The use of personal information by a firm may constitute an infringement of various privacy and data protection laws, as well as of competition law.

CEG’s experts are very well positioned to assess the costs and benefits associated with the disclosure of personal information. Sound economic analysis can assist in making appropriate choices with regards to any legal action relating to privacy issues in the specific circumstances of the case.


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