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Jiri Vanhuynegem

Senior Consultant

Jiri Vanhuynegem is an international finance and tax expert and a Senior Consultant at CEG Europe. With more than 30 years of experience Jiri has worked with (U)HNWI, family-owned companies, medium-sized European groups and multinationals. Besides finance and taxation, he has extensive experience in financial engineering, valuations, corporate finance and investing. Throughout his professional career Jiri assisted many clients with their M&A deals, negotiations, succession plans, strategic financial decision making and real estate deals. At CEG, Jiri assists with cartel and commercial damages cases.

During his time in Mauritius, Jiri served as the Head of Africa Tax Desk at Crowe Global and has gained new insights in Common Law jurisdictions, Trust Law, Wealth Management and also of the African continent.

Over the past 8 years, Jiri has served mainly as Chief Financial Officer and/or Chief Family Officer for multi-family offices.

Jiri holds a Bachelor Degree in accountancy from Siveho Antwerp and a Bachelor’s Degree in Tax Science from Fiscale Hogeschool Brussels. He has also successfully completed numerous advanced courses in Belgian and International Company Law, International and Domestic Taxation, M&A, Financial Engineering, Transfer Pricing, Cross-Border Employment and others in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and other institutions worldwide.

Jiri’s mother tongue is Dutch and he is fluent in French and English.

Recent Work

Jiri has been involved in different tax aspects for large European Competition Damage cases covering multiple jurisdictions.