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CEG workshop on current topics in Antitrust, Barcelona 21 May

CEG is pleased to announce that it will host a workshop on current topics in Antitrust in Barcelona the next 21 May. Leading lawyers, academics, regulatory officials and economists, from different jurisdictions in Europe will debate on three roundtables around the following topics:

  • the current challenges faced by economic evidence in courts, focussing on access to evidence and the importance of narrative.
    Roundtable: “Evidence meets expertise: Crafting the narrative in antitrust damages”.
    Chair: M. de Quinto (CEG)
    Speakers: R. Ferrer (UPF), Í. Igartua (Gómez-Acebo Pombo), J. Pérez (rēgula), L. Robles (CEG)
  • a cross-jurisdictional comparison of the status of class actions for antitrust damages.
    Roundtable: “Class action in antitrust litigation: Navigating complex waters”.
    Chair: L. Robles (CEG)
    Speakers: H. Brokelmann (MLAB), K. Fröhlich (Unilegion), N. Salpico (Sousa Ferro & Associados), H. Schläfke (Noerr)
  • the foreseen challenges in enforcing the DMA.
    Roundtable: “Taming tech titans: An enforcement odyssey of the DMA?”.
    Chair: J. Peya (CEG)
    Speakers: P. Hinojo (CNMC), C. Vila (Cuatrecasas), X. Vives (IESE)

We at CEG are looking forward to this workshop, that will surely continue the debate in this important issues for competition law and policy, particularly in Spain.