CEG is pleased to announce that six of its experts are listed in the “Competition and Antitrust 2021 – 15th edition” Expert Guide

Mar 15, 2022

Our experts listed are Tom Jason and Jason Ockerby for Australia, Nils von Hinten-Reed for Belgium, Fabian Rinnen and Fred Wandschneider for Germany and Mark Conaty for the United Kingdom.

CEG has opened an office in Berlin

Feb 1, 2022

CEG has opened an office in Berlin and will be located on Pariser Platz adjacent to the Brandenburg Tor. The office complements the existing offices in Duesseldorf and Zurich offering premier competition, damages and regulation services.

CEG advises on JBS acqusition of Rivalea

Dec 2, 2021

CEG advised Minter Ellison and JBS in relation to the acquisition of Rivalea. Jason Ockerby directed the CEG team.

Sainsbury’s vs MasterCard Multilateral Interchange Fee competition damages case settles

Aug 7, 2021

Sainsbury’s has settled the long running competition damages claim against MasterCard for domestic (UK) multilateral interchange fees. The settlement details are confidential. However, the case is notable for CEG analysis that led to the zero pass-on finding and framework for analysis  and the economic analysis of whether the MIF led to exemptible benefits (e.g “always card” - whether the MIF led to additional transactions). The Supreme Court in July 2020 endorsed CEG's approach. 

Nils von Hinten-Reed acted as an expert. Mark Conaty led the CEG team working on the case. Members of the team included Loes Van Bohemen and Dr Alison Sprague

CEG team publishes article on empirical evidence of overcharges from German cartels

Jul 12, 2021

In an increasing number of cartel damages proceedings pending before German courts, reference to so-called meta studies of overcharges are made. These studies typically relate mostly to historic US cartels, and it was so far unclear whether any empirical findings transfer across to German domestic cartels. CEG's Dr Juliane Bayer, Fabian Rinnen and Dr Fred Wandschneider have now published an article in the Neue Zeitschrift für Kartellrecht in which they analyse empirical evidence on overcharges using a sample of German cartels only.

Thierry Wetzel joins CEG Zurich office

May 25, 2021

Thierry Wetzel has joined CEG Zurich office from Oxera as Senior Associate. He will contribute to CEG`s growing competition and dispute practices, with a particular focus on merger proceedings, damage disputes and collective class actions. The firm expects to announce further expansions of the team in due course.

CEG opens Zurich office

May 25, 2021

With its Zurich office, Competition Economists Group (“CEG”) has launched its sixth European Office.

We are pleased to announce a number of promotions at CEG Europe

May 4, 2021

Mark Conaty has become Deputy Managing Director, Dr Fred Wandschneider is to become a Director at CEG Europe. Fabian Rinnen is appointed as Head of Econometrics and Data Analytics at CEG. 

Dr Juliane Bayer from CEG Düsseldorf office is to become an Associate Director. And Sarah Losch from the same office is promoted to Senior Associate position.

CEG Asia-Pacific involved in valuation work for agreements between Google and major publishes in Australia to pay for content.

Feb 18, 2021

CEG Directors Jason Ockerby and Tom Hird on Google and the difference between dominance and monopoly. CEG has been involved in the agreements between Google and major publishers in Australia to pay for content.

CEG advises Orange Jordan on a Jordanian telecoms regulator review of telecom markets

Feb 3, 2021

Nils von Hinten-Reed led a CEG team advising Orange Jordan on their approach to the Jordanian telecoms regulator (TRC) review of telecom markets. The review covered the fixed, mobile and dedicated capacity markets of Jordan. 

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